5 Things that you should know to become a successful Digital Marketer

Want to become a Successful Digital Marketer or want to skyrocket your business through Digital Marketing?

If this is the question running in your mind right now then you are on the right place. This article will surely change your life as a Marketer and the way you looked at things before. So be patient, read the whole article and enjoy learning.

In this article, we will be discussing What every digital marketer should know ? Why Digital Marketing on the first place? Why to invest time, money and energy or choose this as your career option? And what are the 5 digital marketing skills of 2020 ( Laws of Marketing, Digital Vs Traditional Marketing, CATT marketing funnel, Integrated Digital Marketing and Personal Branding #mass trust) that will help you gain success?

This article will give you knowledge that no digital marketing course can teach you and is useful for all the entrepreneurs, freelancers, job seekers, teachers, and mentors in the field of digital marketing and

Let’s start….Wait,

Have you ever asked yourself this question before investing your time, money, and energy on Digital marketing. What are the future scopes od digital Marketing? Will it exist 10 to 50 years down the line? What makes a good digital marketer ? Most of us don’t do proper research before taking a deep dive in an ocean called Digital Marketing.

But Don’t worry,

It has a very long shelf life and it’s irreplaceable. Marketing has been alive for thousands of years and it be alive for more. Marketing is a game of perception and that can only be created by humans never by a robot or automation. Its about communication, understanding your customers and their psychology which can only be done by humans.

Now you know, how good it is as a career option and why to learn and master marketing skills.

But you have to understand one more thing,

The more good field it is, the more is the competition. So, how are you going to stand out differently, when millions are chasing the same target. You have to be very good at what you are doing and for that you have to understand the basics concepts of this field.

So here are the 5 points or concepts that you have to understand and apply accordingly which will help you achieve a successful career.

1. Laws Of Marketing

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  • Marketing starts even before the product creation and it lasts even after you sell your product by understanding you customer and making product that satisfies the customer needs and by retaining your existing customers.
  • Marketing is also a game of trust, where you have to build trust in order to sell your product which is a very important factor. For eg., have you ever felt restricted in purchasing a product from a new brand that you haven’t heard about.
  • Marketing is a means to an end. The purpose of marketing is to build a brand and capture a position in the mind of the customer, but you have to take yourself to the position where you no longer need marketing. Eg., Colgate, Ferrari etc.
  • Word of mouth is the best way of marketing. It contains trust because someone you know have suggested you. People are more likely to buy products suggested by the people they know. It is the best channel of marketing. But you have to build a great product. If your products are not good, even a good marketing will not help.
  • Marketing not just helps you discover products but can also make a good perception of your product like Nike, Adidas, etc., Anything that has a name tag of these companies will automatically be thought that the quality of that product is very good without even trying or using them.

Failure of perception?

Have you heard about TATA NANO ? They had used a tagline of Tata Nano as the most cheapest car instead of the most affordable car said by Ratan Tata.

Marketing needs to give a perception about your product.

2. Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

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I will not tell you the typical difference between both the marketing strategies which you can find anywhere on the internet. But will tell you something interesting which you can’t find easily elsewhere.

For basics, Both marketing strategies have their own importance.

As we all know that every year digital marketing is growing exponentially as more and more people are using internet. One should never forget that Digital is not the only way of marketing. Traditional marketing still has more reach than digital marketing.

In India Tv Ads can reach 800 million to 1 billion people at a very low cost. Radio has a reach of 65% of the population of India and Newspaper with a reach of 465 million.

Whereas Digital Marketing has nowhere close to traditional way with a reach of 100 million people. But in future digital will surely overtake traditional reach, and this will keep increasing exponentially.

But, there are certain disadvantages of using traditional marketing because:

  • You can’t personalize the communication.
  • You can’t do deep marketing.
  • You can’t do natural sales, while SEO, SEM gets you organic sales.
  • You can’t track performance of your Ads.

Here’s where the digital marketing came into existence. Despite having low reach it gives you everything that traditional marketing doesn’t.

Confused about which way is better for you to go ahead as a marketer?

If you have a generic product with a wide target, traditional marketing is good for you and will cost you less as well. And if you want to target the audience of segment 2 and segment 3 of India or tire 2/tire 3 cities. Then you should go for traditional Marketing as they are less likely to use net or don’t have access to net. If you want to build trust for your brand then Tv ads will help you gain trust among the audience.

And if your target audience is 1st segment of India or tire 1-2 cities, where the people are likely to use net or have access to net, then digital marketing is the best option for you. Most of the business focuses on tire 1–2 cities because this segment of our country has per capita income of approx. $8,880 similar to Mexico ,where maximum wealth is concentrated and they are more likely to spend their money in buying products and services.

That’s why there is an increasing demand of digital marketing among Companies over traditional marketing.

3. CATT Funnel & Framework

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This Marketing Funnel and Framework by Digital Deepak shows how your wealth depends on your niche selection. So you have to be very careful while selecting your niche. Or choose a niche which has a huge market.

You can calculate your wealth by using this formula

Wealth= n^ CATT

Here n= niche which you choose

[C] = Content:- You have to create useful content that has power to attract people according to your niche through blog, Social Media posts, Videos, podcasts etc.

[A] = Attention:- Get traffic and engagement to your Content with the help of SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads, Referrals.

[T ] = Trust:- Build trust among your audience with the help of marketing automation and retargeting. For eg., communicate directly to your audience make them feel connected with you.

[T ]= Transaction:- Convert your leads into a customer with the help of sales technique with natural sales method.

Your success and wealth depends on your niche selection. A right niche is a combination of Talent + Market + Passion.

All these parts are arranged in a circular manner. So its a never ending Loop of success. You have to keep doing things again and again.

4. Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

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The components of Digital Marketing like SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, Ads, Email marketing etc. they are all like ocean in theirselves. Every component is highly effective in their own way, but it is very difficult to gain expertise in all these components.

Most people execute these components independently and try to get results from them separately and fail to see results.

But all the hassle becomes so easy just by using this framework.

In Integrated Digital Marketing Framework all the component are integrated in such a way it becomes a marketing machine for your company. All the marketing channel complement each other and help each other by fulfilling a common goal . If applied correctly it will increase your sale machine exponentially.

And the way CATT funnel Work is though Integrated Digital Marketing. You can learn more about Integrated Digital Marketinghere.

5. Power Of Personal Branding

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Do you know why Personal Branding is important? if not, lets find out.

  • If you are good at something and the world doesn’t know about it then it is a waste. You will never get what you deserve because nobody knows about your talent or your skills. Because nobody is going to discover you, that your are the best without you having to market yourself.
  • People love to hear from people not from any brand or company because they connect with humans more than any company. For eg., Elon Musk has more following than tesla and space X.

Another eg ., is receiving welcome emails on registration from many companies and when you receive email by founder’s name written on it just like what OYO is doing right now. You feel more connected with the human welcoming you.

Downside of Personal Branding : A personal brand cannot be invested in or cannot be sold.

Upside of Personal Branding : A personal brand can give rise to many brands from his/her name. It will kickstart your new businesses by your influence.

A personal brand becomes an influencer and a brand ambassador for the companies that they run.

Now the question is how you can evolve yourself as a Personal Brand?

Well, the answer is #MASS TRUST


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What is Mass Trust Blueprint ?

It is a Framework for Personal brand Evolution.

The first step of evolution of personal brand is to Learn a new skill. Without having a skill you cannot build a personal brand anyway.

Then you have to Work. You have to put your skills in this work and implement it in the real world. It will give a better understanding of what you have learnt. Implementation is very important because most of us are just learning things but not implementing it right away. That’s how it all works. Implementation will give you a boost that will help you change yourself in a better way.

Blog- Then you just have to write about it. Write what your experiences and what you have learnt through your work. Writing is very crucial aspect of personal brand. You cannot build personal brand if nobody knows about you and by writing you have already started building your personal brand.

Consult- Now you have experience, you have a personal brand through your blog. You can now start consulting other businesses instead of working for them. Charge less in start and then you can charge according to your brand value.

Mentor- Then you go ahead and teach other people. Mentoring will help you scale and increase your understanding to a whole new level.

And this cycle goes on and on. You have to do everything again and again in a repeated manner.

Its like a exercise. You have to exercise daily to be healthy and fit. Same way, you have to learn and do things daily in order to achieve success in your life.

This cycle will never stop and so will your success

You have reached to the end of the article. If you have read the whole article. You will have fair knowledge of the digital marketing skills 2020 and how these 5 skills will lead you to become a successful Digital Marketer. And believe me if you are still excited after reading this, you are surely one of them.

Thank you for investing time in reading this article. It keeps me motivated and to deliver value to you as my reader.

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