Why Local SEO Is Important And How To Do It?

Why Local Seo is Important for local marketing

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Wondering about why local Seo is important and benefits? Don’t worry I will let you know everything in this blog. Don’t skip and read it till the end, you will get all your answers.

I’m Khuwender Sharma (DigtialKhuvi).

🧡 love helping medium and small local businesses get more lovely customers, sell more good things, and do better at Local SEO digital marketing

About Me?

I am a Local Digital Marketing Freelancer. I am working with many clients over the past one year, with the last 6 months spent running my own business offering freelance Local SEO and Other digital marketing services like Ad campaigns, WordPress Website Development and Google My Business etc to a range of small and medium-sized businesses both in India and abroad.  I’ve worked with businesses to deliver positive life and business-changing results for companies in Bakery, Salon, and health care. As a Local marketer and a small business owner myself, I understand both the opportunities and the threats of the small business In a digital environment, and with a thorough understanding of business objectives we always come up with the right strategy.

My primary specialisms are local SEO, paid Ads and lovemaking strategies according to the nature of the business, and I work closely with a super skilled and trusted small team to deliver a full range of digital marketing services.

I’m also able to offer free consultancy for small local businesses on how they can grow and improve their business through Digital Marketing

Why local SEO Important?

Approximately 97% of consumers turn to online search to find a local business or service. 70-80% of consumers research a business online before engaging with them, and the top three search results get 60% of the clicks. And the key to getting into the top three is of course “SEO”.

Here is an important list of facts and figures –

  • 50 percent of the people who do local search went to a physical store in the same day.
  • 18 percent of the local search from mobile decvices convert into a sale within a day.
  • 78 percent of the location based search from mobile devices end up in a offline purchase.
  • 71 percent people first search address of business online before actually going to check validity of business at that location.
  • Etc

Who can benefit from local Seo & who can’t?


Any businesses that are bound or limited to a certain local area And can only deliver their product and services to some area limit are very much able to take benefits from Local Seo. Here is the list of businesses that can benefit from local search optimization –

  • Restaurents
  • Plumbers
  • Hotels
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Electrician
  • Salon
  • Bakery
  • Local Small Shops
  • Etc


Business like Ecommerce, Supply chain who doesn’t have location boundation to run their business or doesn’t want to share their location information and online seller who doesn’t want to share their information and want to operate in ghost mode.

How you can improve your local SEO?

Collect reviews

Online reviews are how today’s consumers discover, evaluate, and trust businesses. 

According to Neil Patel, collecting as many reviews as possible should be your main focus when it comes to SEO. When your rating goes up by even half a star, your conversion rates will increase and more leads will want to click on you.

Pro Tip – ” A handful of reviews doesn’t do wonders for you compared to having 50 or 100 or 200 reviews. There’s a big difference.”

Use text

When it comes to collecting reviews, Neil says that text is the way to go. Over a third of consumers who receive a text review invite
to leave a review. And 41% of consumers say that text is their preferred way to communicate, vs. just 18% who prefer email.

Optimize Your Website

With COVID, everyone’s going online. And if you haven’t adapted and figured out how to provide that amazing experience, you’re going to be left in the dust. standing out online these days is all about customer experience—and that customer experience starts with your website. Make your website well-organized and usable to ensure customers can connect with you easily.

Google My Business

Make sure you’re in all the local directories like Google My Business, Microsoft Bing Places, Apple Maps etc. Like another google my business is free and the most powerful tool for small business owners, Approx  31 percent of customers report they are more likely to look at a local business’s Google My Business listing before visiting. Consequently, accuracy is key. While this seems rather obvious, you’d be surprised by how many listings have inaccurate or outdated info. Take time to ensure your business is listed accurately in major as well as local directories.

USE high-quality images and videos

As part of your content, including high-quality images and videos that load quickly and appeal to leads. People need to not only read but see what your business is all about. Neil specifically suggests using YouTube instead of Vimeo.

Try  collaborative approach

Partner with other local businesses in your community to network and even cross-sell in order to dominate local search. Neil encourages businesses to get really creative and innovate—take advantage of obvious and less obvious opportunities that other
businesses aren’t seeing to increase your online (and community) presence.

Services That We Offer ?

Google My Business Management

– GMB Setup
– GMB Optimization
– GMB Citation
– GMB Regular Posts
– Online Reputation Management.
– Regular Content Posting

Google and Social Media Ads.

– Google My Business Ads.
– Google Search Display etc Ads.
– Facebook/ Instagram Ads.
– Keyword Research
– Etc

Website Development and Optimization

– WordPress Website Development.
– Website Optimization.
– Backlinking
– Content Posting
– Keyword Research
– Etc

I would like to get on a 121 consultation call with you for FREE to explore this further. I am genuinely interested in helping your business grow.

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